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2nd-Oct-2010 12:13 am - ART DUMP (updated 08/07/11)
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also this lj is no longer being updated

The Wonder Years (2010)

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14th-Jul-2010 12:58 am - ART DUMP!
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YEAH OKAY, FINE. Spain deserved to win - they played a solid game throughout the entire tournament. But I was still hoping for some kind of dramatic vengeance-fueled ass-kicking from Germany to Spain (revenge for having lost to them in EC two years ago). Alas, it will have to wait.

Euro Cup 2012.

(I'll be waiting).

Aaaand now, here's some nonsensical art that's been collecting virtual dust in my 'Doodles' folder.
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23rd-Aug-2009 01:50 pm - Back from the road trip!
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And I have so many stories to tell (and pictures to share). Coming next entry. :P

My mom, the guy who's rooming at our house, his mom, and a bunch of family friends and I basically toured around Canada (mostly through the mountain towns) - yes, Canada, it sounds lame, but the scenery is actually not...bad.

Too exhausted to elaborate. Here, have a sketch.

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Ah, childhood nostalgia. You all saw this coming, by the way - it's been far too long since I paid homage to a show I watched (and couldn't really fully appreciate the subtle nuances thereof) as a kid; one that I stumbled across one day and, after viewing only one episode, left me utterly hooked.

And yeah, okay - it's Disney's Fillmore!

I'll be the first to say that the animated drivel Disney comes up with nowadays is exactly that: total crap. Most of their older stuff, particularly the ones with soul, wit, and themes that actually imply some sort of depth won't ever get beyond one or two seasons, max. Shows like Fillmore! (which you can view here for free, by the way) are canceled, while the stuff you see on television today - 6Teen, Dave the Barbarian, etc. - that reinforce stereotypes and encourage children to watch mindless programs because, hey, it's easy to get! are renewed season after season.

Perhaps the reason Fillmore! isn't popular, despite it being a fantastic show, is its indecisiveness on a target audience. While it's a show aimed at children, the subtle humour, parodical feel and references to 70's hardboiled cop dramas will obviously blow over most kids' heads. When I watched Fillmore! as a kid, I remember admiring Ingrid for her awesome photographic memory and digging the adolescent Law&Order feel of the show, but watching it from an older perspective - I realized there was a hell lot that I missed out on.

I do wish it had been prolonged, or at least put on DVD so us nostalgialytes (:P) could get a chance to watch it whenever we'd like.

19th-May-2009 07:33 pm - Dreamwidth
Does anyone need a Dreamwidth invite code?

I have 2 - just comment if you want one.
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